28 Sep 17 — 30 Sep 17

09:15 — 13:30

Matera, Italia



Fondazione Le Monacelle

Via Riscatto n.8 

Crediti formativi: 1,5 giornate



The WFF guest speakers will be speaking about the international publishing marketplace and world, offering advice on specific genres, how to thrive in a digital publishing world.

Most of the sessions will be in English. 



9:15-9:30 Welcome Speech from Matera Letteratura Women’s Fiction Festival

Mariateresa Cascino, President

Elizabeth Jennings, Honorary President


9:30-10:15 Publishing Perspectives- The Year Gone By, The Year To Come

Porter Anderson, Editor in Chief of Publishing Perspectives

10:15-11.30 Promoting Your Book 101

Mark Dawson, Author and Marketing Expert

11.30-12:30 The Hero’s Journey

Bonnie O’Neill, Screenwriter and Producer

12:30-1:15 pm Scouting and Discoverability

Maria Francesca Gagliardi, Media Scout

Flo Nicolls, editor HarperCollins

Katharine Sands, Literary Agent

Moderator: Maria Paola Romeo


9:00-10:00 Motivation and How To Find It

Francesco Gungui, Book Coach

Sheri Stauch, Book Coach

10:00-11:00 Is Your Book a Movie?

Maria Francesca Gagliardi, Media Scout

Mark Melville, Screenwriter and Cinematographer

Bonnie O’Neill, Screenwriter and Producer

Moderator: Maria Paola Romeo

11:00-12:00 How To Plan Your Career In Italy

Ricciarda Barbieri, editor Feltrinelli

Edoardo Bugnatelli, editor Mondadori

Francesca Cristoffanini, editor De Agostini

Alice Di Stefano, editor Fazi

Stefano Izzo, editor Rizzoli

Moderator: Maria Paola Romeo

12:00-12:30 One Stop Shop Publishing

Ricardo Fayet, Founder of Reedsy Inc

12:30-1:30 pm How Good Is Your Contract?

Marco Giacomello, IP Lawyer (TBC)

Christine Witthohn, Literary Agent


9:00-9:45 Digital (Life)Line

Francesca Colletti, Rizzoli

Flo Nicoll, HarperCollins

Maria Paola Romeo, Emmabooks

Alessandra Tavella, Amazon Publishing

Moderator: Elizabeth Jennings

9:45-10:30 An Author Concierge

Maria Connor, Author Assistant

10:30-11:30 Kobo Writing Life and its Writers

Sandra Lonchamp, Kobo

11:30-12:15 pm Conversation on Changing Gears in Your Career

Marty Ambrose, Author

Rosemary Laurey, Author

Mary Leo, Author


12:15 13:00 Translations : The Passport Into Other Worlds

Athina Papa, Translator

Sandra Lonchamp,

Moderator: Elizabeth Jennings

13:00-13:30 Translating Disney

Mario Pennacchio, Step Language Services


Registration fee:

€ 280.00



The conference fee for the Women Fiction Festival includes registration to the cultural association Matera Letteratura, admission to the workshops and panels on the International and European book market, foreign rights, translations, and writing workshop sessions. 


28.9   09.15-13.15

29.9   09.00-13.30


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