AIIC Training of Trainers: Beginners Consecutive

31 Aug 17 — 02 Sep 17

09:00 — 16:00

Johannesburg, Sud Africa

Corso AIIC


University of the Witwatersrand
Wits Language School
Professional Develoment Hub
Empire Road

Organised by
AIIC Training & Professional Development

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  • Eugene Mathey
  • Olivier Flechais

This 2 1/2 day Training of Trainers course, led by Hans-Werner Mühle, is aimed at interpreters working on the South African market and for State Institutions who have trained as interpreters and want to acquire skills to train their peers, especially in African languages. A voice training workshop will complement the course.

Working material will be provided in form of real-life speeches on video as well as speeches prepared by the participants and the trainer for the consecutive part. As far as possible, teaching material will also be adapted to an African context.

There will be room for discussion on techniques and strategies as well as ethics, market conditions and professionalisation in an African conference interpreting context.


  • AIIC members: 4,000 ZAR
  • Non-Members: 4,500 ZAR


There are a number of useful resources available in preparation for this course that can be purchased either through Amazon or the publishers directly. Gillies and Nolan are also available as e-book on Kindle. A limited number of these books will be brought along to the course by the trainer.

  • Conference Interpreting: A Student’s Practice BookAndrew Gillies (2013)
  • Note-Taking for Consecutive Interpreting: A Short Course, Andrew Gillies (2005)
  • Interpretation: Techniques and Exercises (Professional Interpreting in the Real World), James Nolan (2012)

Hans-Werner Mühle 

Hans Mühle graduated from the Heidelberg Interpreting School in 1985 and has been working ever since as conference interpreter for international organisations such as the European Parliament, European Commission, Council of Europe and others. He is also active on the private conference market in Europe and internationally, particularly in southern Africa.

He works mainly in the Spanish and German booths and has a retour into English, with French and Italian being his C languages. A member of AIIC since 1992, he was elected a member of AIIC’s Advisory Board in 2015 representing France.

He has been a trainer for almost 30 years, holding a permanent post at Heidelberg University for 25 years, teaching at the Zurich School of Interpreters (ZHAW) and the  MCI at La Laguna, Spain. He has been jury member at exams in Heidelberg, Zurich, La Laguna, Toronto, Strasbourg and Johannesburg.

Since 2010 he has been a regular trainer at Wits Language School and has developed a teaching curriculum for the Glendon York MCI in Toronto where he teaches interpreting into Spanish and English. He also teaches interpreting from German into French at the MCI program of the University of Strasbourg (ITI-RI)

He has participated AIIC Training of Trainers courses in Rome, Budapest and Paris, and has led various AIIC Professional Development and Training of Trainers courses in South America (Chile, Peru,Ecuador) and South Africa ( Cape Town).

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