AIIC Brazil: More than words: what your delivery is truly telling the audience with Daniele Fonseca and Layla Penha

19 Jul 18

19:00 — 22:00

Rio de Janeiro, Brasile

Corso AIIC


Venue TBD

Contact : 

Denise de Vasconcelos Araujo, Raquel Schaitza, Richard Laver

Dear interpreters,

This mini-course will approach extralinguistic aspects that can either help or harm your work as an interpreter, be it in consecutive or simultaneous interpreting. What is the underlying message you are conveying to your audience? What messages are conveyed by your gestures and voice intonation? What is the importance of vocal and body clues in interpretation? Participants will have a hands-on experience working in several aspects of the speech, body positioning, gestures, posture, vocal projection, intonation, and breathing.


Daniele Fonseca has a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering and an M.Sc. in Biomedical Engineering from UNICAMP. In 1995, she decided to switch careers and started working as a freelance translator. In 2000, she graduated in Interpreting Studies in English from PUC - São Paulo. She currently works as a freelance interpreter specializing in technical and medical conferences and dedicates her free time to teaching interpreting techniques and providing continuing education. She regularly participates in interpreting seminars, and AIIC courses, including Training of Trainers. Since 2013, she has been running Booth Camp, a fully remote professional development program she designed for professional interpreters from Brazil, Europe and the United States.

Layla Penha has a BA in English Language and Literature and MA in Applied Linguistics, both from PUC-SP. Her training as a conference interpreter started in 1994, at Alumni Association, which she concluded with a full diploma (English<>Portuguese Interpreter and Translator) and then on to courses in the MIIS – Monterey Institute of International Studies (currently Middlebury Institute of International Studies)--first in 1998, in a Portuguese<>English language combination, and later in 2008, in a Spanish>English language combination. She also attended several Training of Trainers (TOT) programs from AIIC, in Rio de Janeiro 2012, Santiago do Chile 2013, Rome 2014, Curitiba 2016, and Rio de Janeiro 2017. Her teaching experience includes 2 years as an interpreter trainer in Alumni Association and then Assistant Professor in Interpreting Studies at PUC-SP from 2014-2017. She attended and was a guest speaker in several interpreting industry conferences, such as ABRATES, SIMBI, ABRAPT, and ATA, among others.

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