The AIIC technical & health committee

The Technical and Health Committee (THC) is an AIIC advisory body that protects and promotes better working conditions for interpreters by tackling two related areas:

  • the technical side of simultaneous interpretation
  • interpreters' health and how it is impacted by working conditions

The THC works to ensure that facilities for simultaneous interpretation world-wide enable conference interpreters to meet the high standards of professional performance expected of them without discomfort or detriment to their health, and comply at least with the minimum specifications laid down in ISO and IEC international standards.

Compliance with the standards is one of the basic premises of the AIIC working conditions, whose ultimate purpose is to provide a positive conference experience for both interpreters and delegates.

What we do

To pursue its goals the THC carries out multiple activities:

  • Work with conference centres that are building or renovating SI facilities to offer assistance, analyse plans and comment on them, and provide technical advice where appropriate.
  • Work with SI equipment manufacturers and suppliers to ensure that the equipment and booths that they make or provide to clients conform to ISO standards incorporating the latest technology, and offer them assistance in developing new or improved SI equipment.
  • Collect and analyse information on SI equipment, booths, conference rooms, and convention centres, and encourage the latter to improve or renovate existing facilities that do not comply with standards.
  • Follow developments in new technologies and maintain contact with organisations using remote interpretation or working on videoconferencing; participate in joint experiments, and provide interpreters' views on videoconference and remote interpretation.
  • Cooperate in research into health issues and respond to questions or complaints regarding interpreters' health.
  • Work with ISO and IEC on standards.

Who we are

The THC is composed of the project coordinators of the following four projects:

The work of the THC is done by 33 AIIC members from all parts of the world who form the Technical Network (TecNet) of AIIC. Initiated in 2003, this new form of working together has proven to be effective. It enables all regions of AIIC to participate in the work of the THC and brings AIIC closer to end-users of interpretation services.

How to find us

You can contact us through the AIIC Secretariat in Geneva. You can address technical questions to:

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