An overview of termium

Thérèse Lessard, director of Termium Marketing, reacts to André Moreau's article.

Thank you for your comments and suggestions. We have taken these into account. We would, however, draw your attention to certain functions available in the 1999 edition of TERMIUM® on CD-ROM. It is indeed possible to highlight a term in your text and paste it into the search box of TERMIUM® using the keys CTRL V.

For business reasons, the Translation Bureau has decided not to include Spanish terminology on the CD-ROM for the time being. We shall, however, study this matter further during the coming months.

With respect to interpreters, you have a good point when a term has a hundred or more fields. However, most of our files have an average of only five or six fields, or fewer. This speeds up the search. Research by term and by field becomes too long and too complicated with the multiplicity of sub-fields.

The next edition of TERMIUM® on CD-ROM is planned for the Fall of 2001. This edition will include further improvements, e.g., a keyboard shortcut to permit selection of the highlighted entry in the index without using the mouse or typing the entry in full.

As of October 22, 2000, TERMIUM Plus®, which permits consultation of TERMIUM® on the Internet, and which is updated monthly, has been improved. You will have access to an entirely new TERMIUM Plus®, even more user-friendly and better adapted to your needs, with the addition of a customization function.

Since TERMIUM® is a registered trade mark, it is best to write TERMIUM® with the ® in superscript. This also applies to TERMIUM® on CD-ROM and TERMIUM Plus®.

Your comments or suggestions are always welcome. They enable us to improve the product so as to meet your needs better. Thank you for your interest in the Translation Bureau's products.

This article was translated by Margaret Vella, a certified French to English translator who graduated with honors from the University of Toronto's Diploma in Translation program.
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