Letter from the Editor: This issue

How interpreters organize on the private market, what staff interpreters are up to, and a bit of humor featured in this issue of the AIIC webzine.

A curious milestone in the short history of Communicate! occurred one recent January night in a small restaurant in Amsterdam. For the first time since this webzine came online, some of us who put it together actually sat down to talk face-to-face! We were all there for other AIIC meetings (evidence of which you will see in this issue) and took advantage of that discuss matters. Usually we communicate by email and we manage quite well, but actually being together gave us the opportunity to raise a toast to hitting 3000 readers per month.

We also discussed a few novelties for coming issues. One will be the introduction of debates with two or more contributors addressing a specific question of interest to our profession. We hope that by presenting various points of view we will spur you, our readers, to take greater advantage of our interactive features. We will also offer more information on AIIC projects as they progress to keep you up-to-date. Certain projects/areas might even be getting their own homepage on our website.

In this issue we start off with an article covering preliminary results of a survey on Business Organisation of Interpreters. The Private Market Sector of AIIC presented these findings at its Amsterdam meeting - and there will be more to come in the course of the year.

The Staff Interpreters Committee is celebrating its 25th birthday and Claude Durand offers us a view of what they are doing. There are also a couple shorts news briefs regarding the UN, assuring that all three major AIIC membership areas - private market, agreement sector and staff interpreters - are present in this issue.

And since we seem to talk so much about ourselves in this issue, we decided to laugh at ourselves a bit too with Phil Smith and Jennifer MacKintosh.

Thanks go to André Moreau for submitting a review of TERMIUM® . We love to get reviews, especially in more than one language. And this one has the further interest of a response from Thérèse Lessard, Director of TERMIUM® Marketing.

Vincent Buck, our webmaster, follows last issue's article on searches with a piece on valuable web-based resources.

We are happy to publish Marzena Drabek's request for information in relation to a proposed thesis on the use of anticipation in simultaneous interpretation. We hope you will respond - and perhaps we can establish a tradition in helping students of interpretation.

Last but by no means least, I would like to call your attention to AIIC's press release on the sentencing of two translator/interpreters in Tehran. AIIC is looking further into the matter and will report on any developments as soon as we have information.

We continue to define Communicate! as we go and in these pages change will continue to be the rule. Your comments and ratings of articles aid us in mapping our future, so please follow that impulse to put in your two cents. We'll do our best to insure that it is well invested.

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