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First training of trainers seminar, Porto

11-12 January 2003, Sala D. Luis, Centro de Congressos e Exposiçoes, Alfandega

Barbara Moser-Mercer will hold a seminar on

Teaching Strategies for Simultaneous Interpreting

This is the first of a series of seminars which will be organised by AIIC's Training Committee during the next triennium; subsequent seminars will deal with other aspects of teaching conference interpreting. The seminar will be held in English.

Minimum attendance: 8; maximum attendance: 25

Cost: € 150; non-AIIC members: € 200

To register, please complete the form below and submit it by Oct. 31, 2002.

Receipt will be acknowledged.

By November 4, 2002 participants will receive confirmation as well as a detailed program and will be requested to proceed to payment by November 15, 2002.

Participants will receive a certificate of attendance from AIIC for each individual seminar they attend. Those who attend all seminars will be awarded a certificate for the completion of the full Training of Trainers program.

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