The social side of the AIIC Assembly in Valencia

by Marzia Sebastiani - twitter: @Comunica_Marzia

The 36th AIIC Assembly took place in Valencia from January 10 to January 14. The event immediately aroused a lot of interest on social media and saw a strong participation with more than 500 posts and 95 active users on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter with the hashtag #aiicvalencia18. 

#terps from all over the world, primarily from Europe and the United States, either attending in person or remotely, followed the assembly proceedings and discussed the profession of conference interpreters, using mainly Twitter as the preferred tool to comment, reply and share news and points of view.

Julia Poger gave a very accurate account of the entire Assembly with her tweets and turned out to be one of the most influential contributors – along with AIM, Agrupación de Intérpretes de Madrid, AIB, Agrupación de Intérpretes de Barcelona and AIIC Italia – who had a large following and were most frequently retweeted. 

The debate about the future of the profession held on January 13 in the afternoon generated a surge in the number of posts on social media platforms, mainly because of the topics that were touched upon such as continuous professional development, new ISO standards, research activities, new immersive technologies, remote interpreting with dematerialization and decentralization of the work place, multimodal events and co-working.

Funnily enough, in AIIC it seems that social media language is better mastered by women, who accounted for 75% of the total posts. 

And now let’s have a look at the social media images of the Assembly:

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