VEGA and its Work Plan for 2017 presented at the AIIC Italy Spring General Assembly

by Veronica Cioni - twitter: @VeronicaCioni

On Saturday 24 March, AIIC Italy held its Spring General Assembly, during which I was due to present VEGA and our Work Plan for 2017. I say “due to”, because, as Murphy would have it, I was working that day in another Italian city. Not one to be put off by distance and the vicissitudes of logistics, I prepared my PPT, recorded my presentation, compiled a neat audio and video file and sent it off to my ever-helpful colleagues who were kind enough to press play on the big day!

It would have been enthralling to have been there, to engage with the Assembly whilst presenting our new and exciting projects. However, I must say that technology - the elephant in the interpreter’s booth of late - worked in my favour on this occasion and even though I was unable to be there in person, I’m delighted that VEGA was able to have its moment in the sun.

I hope this is just the beginning of a successful year for VEGA Italy!

Many thanks to the VEGA Network, the CC of AIIC Italy and the Bureau of AIIC Italy for their support.

Many thanks to Marzia Sebastiani for taking pictures, for “spreading the word”, and for consenting to the use of her images.


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