AIIC – the mark of quality. But what does that mean?

AIIC PRIMS is joining forces with the AIIC Staff Interpreters Committee and the Mouvement québécois de la qualité to explore how quality can be defined, measured and sold.

Quality of interpreting is famously tricky to define. While we all believe we know it when we see it – or rather, as it pertains to interpreting, hear it – we are hard pressed to find an objective definition. This makes it a challenging aspect of our work to measure, and to market to potential clients.

Fortunately, on Saturday 24 August, at the AIIC PRIMS meeting in Montreal, we have enlisted the help of some professionals who can help us navigate this labyrinth: the Mouvement québécois de la qualité (MQQ).

But be prepared – this won’t be a spectator event.  We expect your active, creative and enthusiastic participation, starting now! MQQ is already reaching out to registered participants, and will continue to stimulate your involvement in the buildup to the meeting. So start sharing your ideas about what makes AIIC unique and how we can show the world that AIIC is synonymous with quality in interpreting.

Dedicated to best practice in quality

The Mouvement québécois de la qualité (MQQ) is a non-profit that helps businesses and other organisations explore, implement and share best business practices to improve their performance and success.

They employ a suite of training programmes, techniques and tools to assist in continuous improvement of quality in business performance.

With the MQQ’s expertise on board we will be able to bridge the particular nuances of the interpreting profession with the latest practices in targeting quality in business.

Expert interpreter input

For in-depth understanding of quality in interpreting, you can’t get much better than Elisabet Tiselius. As a senior lecturer in Translating studies, with a focus on interpreting, our AIIC colleague Elisabet has extensive experience in unravelling the intricacies of what distinguishes top quality interpreting from… less top quality.

Elisabet’s doctorate examined the quality of Swedish conference interpreters, considering the importance of their experience and expertise, and how this quality can be measured. She has wide-ranging knowledge about improving and measuring quality in interpreting, including through deliberate practice and continuous professional development – expertise she’ll be sharing with us on day two of the Montreal meeting… (but more on that in another article!)

Not just a private sector issue

Quality in interpreting is not only a concern for private market interpreters. Those working in public sector institutions also have an interest in finding ways to equate their AIIC credentials with consistent delivery of high-quality interpreting services.

PRIMS has teamed up with the AIIC Staff Interpreters Committee for this session to ensure that the discussion covers all bases.

AIIC means quality

Quality in interpreting is central to AIIC’s identity. In Montreal we aim to explore what this means, how we can develop it further, and how we can show the world that AIIC means quality. It is time to swing the spotlight from the podium to the booths at the back of the room…

A welcome drink

Before the meeting starts, AIIC Canada is extending a warm welcome with an informal Late Summer Cocktail at Complexe Sky on Friday 23, from 6 - 8pm.

We hope you’ll join us: register now!

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