Application for change of membership status

Application form and next deadline for applications

To be reviewed by the Committee for Admissions and Language Classification at its next meeting, applications should be sent to:

AIIC Secretariat
46, avenue Blanc
CH-1202 Geneva
Fax: +41-22 732 41 51

Deadline Meeting
30th November       Mid-January


  1. Any active member who wishes to become an associate member shall apply in writing, before 30th November to the Committee, stating their reasons. The Committee shall decide on the request. If approved, the change in membership status shall apply from the beginning of the next financial year.
  2. Any associate member who wishes to become an active member shall inform the Secretariat and pay the appropriate membership dues.

(Article 20, Regulation Governing Admissions and Language Classification)

Please download and print your form from the Download box below.

Recommended citation format:
AIIC. "Application for change of membership status". May 13, 2020. Accessed July 13, 2020. <>.